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Appleinsider: Unibox Best Overall Mail Client For Mac

Canary integrates with your favorite apps such as Google Drive, Giphy, Dropbox, etc. Available on both macOS and iOS, this email client gives you the ability to use the same application at work and on the go.

Appleinsider: Unibox Best Overall Mail Client For Mac

Edison Mail (formerly known as EasilyDo Mail) is a much-loved email client for iOS, which is now available for macOS too. It looks and functions similar to the iOS app and can do all the important things its mobile sibling does.

Using Edison Mail, you can enjoy a clean, uncluttered interface that makes good use of swipe gestures. The email client also supports a dark mode. And a Unified Inbox lets users combine their inboxes from the most popular providers. Edison Mail is ads-free.

eM Client is a free, user-friendly app that will let you manage your contacts and emails very easily. This email client supports all the major services like Gmail, iCloud, Exchange, Outlook, and more.

When it comes to choosing the best email client for Mac, Gmail users might like the program called Kiwi (formerly Gmail for Mac). It looks and feels just like Gmail but has even more powerful enhanced features.

Kiwi supports such third-party plug-ins as Boomerang, Yesware, Rightinbox, Rapportive, Contactually, and will be adding more in the future. Besides, you can even use Google Hangouts and Calendar inside Kiwi. Pay attention that this email client is suited for desktop only.

Rather than focusing on ease of use, the developer of MailMate created the email client that is keyboard-centric, text-based, and powerful. It provides users with such functions as extensive keyboard control, Markdown email composition, smart folders, advanced search conditions, the ability to schedule messages to be sent later, and more. Another great benefit of MailMate is that it has a smaller user base compared to other email clients for Mac. Thus, you can actually expect a reply if you face any problems.

This email client is perfect for fans of Gmail because it runs the Gmail web app inside of an application wrapper. Thus, users can utilize the complete library of Gmail-supported keyboard shortcuts and various Gmail plug-ins (like Boomerang).

You can use the Outlook email client on your Macbook and iPhone. However, some users complain that on Mac, the application is lacking a bit in design since it looks a little different from other Mac programs and more like Outlook app on Windows.

Despite being known as not so attractive email client, Thunderbird Email for Mac is worth trying because of its open-source nature (this means you can take the code and build it up yourself), support of a wide range (1000+) of third-party extensions, and convenient tabbed user interface that lets users accomplish more in a single window.

This email client can be a good fit for your needs if you have to manage many accounts or go through a lot of messages each day. Shortcut buttons make your inbox management much easier. In addition, Newton supports a wide range of best email providers such as Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, Exchange, iCloud, Office 365, Yahoo Mail.

Polymail is the best email app for macOS designed for teams as it allows them to communicate in real-time using mentions and inline comments. Also, you can even turn any email into a shareable web link for your colleagues to collaborate on.

Also, Postbox email client features a smart email categorization system, lightning-fast search, the ability to assign a topic to a message, various reminders, smart address auto-complete, 24 beautiful themes, 70 professionally written email templates, and more.

Instead of grouping by message, the program groups your emails by a person. This makes Unibox the best email app for Mac users who need to manage and nurture leads better. With this email client, it becomes very convenient to keep track of new messages and old conversations because every person only appears once in the main inbox list.

Some email clients are faster and more stable than Apple Mail. Some handle Gmail accounts better and integrate with more applications and services. Many also offer a lot more features, including the ability to snooze messages and treat them as tasks or memos.

There is no shortage of great email clients for Mac users. If you need an alternative to your default Apple Mail app for some reason, Airmail, Spark, Polymail, MailMate, and many more all deserve high marks.

AppleInsider described Unibox as "the best client we tried," and Macworld said it is "A welcome, fresh new approach to email on the Mac." Unibox groups emails by sender and includes an attachment list, so you can quickly find what you need, then delete those documents out of the Downloads folder.

Google's Gmail is one of the most popular email products around, and with generous storage allotments, reliable service and easy web or client integration, it's not difficult to see why. There is one negative, however, in that push email support for iOS and Mac is lacking. If you depend on Gmail and need instant access to your messages, you'll want to look beyond Apple's first-party offerings.

MailPlane offers the best OS X experience of any third party mail application. It's easy to configure, handles multiple accounts and was by far the quickest to push Gmail to the Mac. Testing from one account to another, MailPlane never once failed on a push operation.

If you don't like Gmail's Web interface, you probably won't like MailPlane as it's basically an OS X-coded wrapper. However, that same interface makes MailPlane a familiar work environment, while feature additions make it much more functional and easy to use compared to the regular Web client.

Postbox looks very much like the native OS X mail client. If you are used to Apple Mail on OS X, then Postbox will feel very familiar. Postbox offers many options such as vertical or horizontal layout with or without inline images.

You can streamline your replies by creating a set of pre-written responses such as for customer service or sales. The responses can include text, HTML, images, etc., which make it perfect to quickly respond with inquires for more information on products. When you reply you can choose from a drop menu and select the pre-written response you want or compose a new one at that time. This option, along with easy inclusion of cloud based files, make Postbox a very strong email client for businesses.

Postbox was one of the quickest to push new Gmail, being bested only by MailPlane. Postbox is not available on the App Store but can purchased directly from the publisher for $15. There is a 30-day trial with a 60-day money back guarantee.

I still haven't found an email application that really fits my needs on the Mac (or iPhone, or Android, to be honest).I tried Postbox a few years ago (still have an old license for it), and it was Ok.. I tried it again after the poll, and it remains the same... decent. But I have a hard time dealing with the notifications. I really like Gmail's categories, and that I only get notification for the primary category. With Postbox, I get a notification every time the NYTimes, or some other company, sends a crappy email with their news, offers, etc. Hundreds of notifications per day... I also still have a bad taste in my mouth from how Postbox handled email composition in the past. A few years back I was writing this nasty email to my boss. I let it sit for a while and eventually toned it down, made it acceptable and sent it. When I go to Gmail, the thread had a shitload of "drafts" that looked like they had been sent (they were in the thread). I almost shit a brick, and lost my faith in the app. (My boss never got them, or I'd have been fired.)Mailplane, on the other hand, is basically the Gmail webpage made into a Flux app, plus some other bells and whistles. Hard to justify paying $25 for it.CloudMagic is, again, a tad expensive for an email client. It also doesn't seem to have a trial so that I can determine if it works for me or not.Airmail 2 looks good, and I kind of liked their first version. (I was a beta tester for a while.) Reviews in the AppStore are not kind to it, though. I'm a bit hesitant to drop another $10 bucks on it. I just downloaded the Beta from their site. We'll see how it works.The search continues...

Emailing is a crucial part of everyday life, both personally and professionally. Each day, the average person can receive anywhere between 10 and 100 emails, so having a solid email client that can help you stay on top of the emails that matter in an organized way is important.

This is especially true if you are waiting on important emails, or if you use email in work and are likely to either send or receive a high volume of emails. Finding a quality email client for your Mac may seem like a daunting task considering the vast amount of client applications that are out there.

It can also be difficult to know which services to trust and which ones are best suited for you. This article looks to remove all doubt and give you the final and comprehensive list of five of the best email client applications that you can have when using a Mac.

One of the main selling points for an email client service has to be its ability to integrate with other mailing apps to collect all of your data, and to send and receive from other platforms. The last thing you need is to open an email from Yahoo and see that it is not supported by your client. However, all of the emailing clients on this list are fully integrated and capable of handling emails from any source.

The email client market is growing more and more competitive. So, it is important that services offer their features at a reasonable price. Many services are free to use, but others offer additional features, more templates, or more cloud storage for an additional monthly fee, and again, depending on what you need the client for, these fees may be worth paying.

Simply put, an email client is a program that reads and sends electronic messages. The user interacts with it and the client downloads messages from the email server itself for local use. Okay, maybe that did not sound so simple, but everything aside, an email client allows you to organize and reply to emails as well as send new ones.


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