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UC Browser Mini: A Free and Feature-loaded Browser APK for Android

This app has a simple interface with all features necessary for a smooth browser experience. UC Browser Mini for Android gives you the fastest browsing experience in a tiny package. It is almost the same as the full version browser but is ideal for less powerful devices. Along with lots of other features, it also offers night mode. Despite the little size, UCMini is a competent browser with almost every desired feature. If you need a full-featured browser then you may download UC Browser full.

After the page loading and browsing checks, we went over to the download manager to check out if this thing had the diversity required. With its support for multiple downloads at a single time in which you can pause a file while others are downloading and restart the paused file again whenever you want. The new version of the download manager has improved features to solve problems while downloading. Problems such as slow internet connection and mislabeled files. The download process will continue even after the app is closed. Once the files are downloaded the download manager automatically checks, flushes, and stores the files to allocated folders. You can save files directly to your internal phone storage or external SD card storage if you have one mounted.

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In order to offer an optimized user experience, the internet browser automatically loads the most preferred version of the web page as per your connection speed. This feature is quite useful for people traveling in remote regions, where the connection speed is often slow.

UC Browser for Android comes with various personalization options, so you can customize on-screen actions, create hotkeys, etc. This is a feature-packed software, which supports multiple operating systems, synchronizes your data in a hassle-free manner, and imports everything from your existing web browser.

1)You won't believe me but it's actually slower than UC browser whom is slower than snails 2)wish I could give 0 stars and warn you before you install this app The developer should consider checking t...

UC Browser Mini is complete replacement for resource heavy and slow browsers. You can enjoy all the features of the original client without any compromise. Watch and control videos with gestures, get news notification and smart downloads manager.

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This mini browser also features incognito mode for private browsing, night mode for better readability at night time or in low light. You can easily replace your default Google Chrome or Android browser with this one without any compromise.

This browser also offers one of the most attractive browsing features offered by its big brother. That is, the gesture control system, which lets you assign different gestures (like taps) to move around the screen or assign scrolling functions to the volume keys.

In addition, there are some extra add-ons that, although not essential, add to the overall experience with the browser. These include a QR code scanner, a tool to search for words within a web page, a clipboard to copy and save URLs and a screen capture tool to save web pages as images.

UC Browser Mini is the dream browser for lower-performance level devices with limited resources for two reasons. The first is that it only takes up 9.8 MB of built-in storage (remember that this may vary slightly depending on the phone model) and the second is that it uses very little mobile data to browse.

As far as privacy is concerned, this browser does not offer tracker blocking, but it does have an integrated adblocker. It has a menu where you can check how many ads have been blocked, as well as the amount of data saved thanks to this, the reduced loading time and the number of possible threats blocked.

This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognising you when you return to our website and helping our team to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful.

Recently, when examining the Zscaler cloud for unusual activity, ThreatLabZ researchers found some questionable hits in relation to a particular domain: 9appsdownloading[.]com. Upon analysis, we found these requests being made from a popular browser that's available on Google Play and has more than 500 million downloads to date: the UC Browser app.

It is important to note that these issues have the potential to affect millions of Android users because the UC Browser app has been downloaded 500 million+ times and UC Mini has been downloaded 100 million+ times. The ThreatLabZ team has been in contact with Google, whose teams are investigating the apps.

Update: After Google's intervention, the Zscaler research team noticed that the latest version of both the apps, UC Browser and UC Mini, have stopped downloading the third-party app store.

The APK was downloaded over an unsecured channel (HTTP over HTTPS), opening the possibility for man-in-the-middle (MiTM) attacks. In our research, we came across a recent Dr. Web blog post that talks about similar issues they saw with UC Browser downloading and installing libraries from remote servers. In that case, they talk about libraries being downloaded over HTTP and, in our case, we saw a completely new APK being dropped (this APK is also analyzed in the latter part of this blog).

The consequences of downloading and installing components over unsecured channels were well addressed in the Dr. Web blog, along with the MiTM vulnerability, so we will not address those issues further.

We tried downloading a small-sized app from the 9Apps store and, to our surprise, the app was downloaded from 9appsdownloading[.]com. This is the same domain that we mentioned at the beginning of this blog. The screenshot below shows the functionality in action:

Further scrutiny of Zscaler cloud traffic showed multiple requests for APK downloads from this 9appsdownloading[.]com domain. Within the last month, we found 130+ such requests. The hits can be seen in the Zscaler cloud dashboard:

It is too early to determine exactly what the UC Browser developers intended with their third-party APK, but it is clear that they are putting users at risk. And with more than 500 million downloads of UC Browser, that is a significant threat.

The highly popular UC Browser and UC Browser Mini Android apps, with a total of over 600 million Play Store installs, exposed their users to man-in-the-middle (MiTM) attacks by downloading an Android Package Kit (APK) from a third party server over unprotected channels.

"Because UC Browser downloads an unknown third-party app to devices over unsecured channels, those devices can become victim to man-in-the-middle (MiTM) attacks. Using MiTM, attackers can spy on the device and intercept or change its communications," says Zscaler.

After being launched on the test device, the 9Apps app started scanning for installed applications and it allowed installing more apps from its built-in app store, also downloaded as APKs from the 9appsdownloading[.]com domain.

The UC Browser team also optimized the latest version of this app to offer its users really fast video downloads. The servers speed up and optimize the download while keeping it stable at high speeds. Moreover, it has a high download threads setting, which allows you to watch HD videos at optimized speed.

Aside from the fast browsing, UC Browser Turbo also boasts an interface designed not only to be user-friendly but to be minimalist. Unlike other browsers, this app will not bother you with random news flow, notifications, or any other spammy push messages. What you will experience instead is smart, clean, and convenient browsing.

The app also lets you customize your homepage by adding your preferred websites and pages to the bookmarks. There are sites already added to it by default, but you can easily delete them and create your own. To customize your browser further, there are various personalization features that you can use. You can change the look of the browser with a personalized HD wallpaper. You can even use your own photos for this.

All in all, UC Browser Turbo gives its users much more than complete browsing. It offers fast and safe browsing while being data-efficient. Moreover, there are essential tools that you can make use of without downloading and installing extensions. Some of the features from the original UC Browser are missing but these can be overlooked as the app offers a very futuristic experience.

Free UC Browser for iPhone (iOS7.x) and UC mini free for Apple iPod Touch(iOS 7.x) is a fast and tiny app. This app is same as other versions, Only one point which is making different this app from other versions is very less in size. You can download this version at slow internet speed, but this app is working fast and take the concise time to load.

The advantages of UC Browser Mini include the presence of a "fast" mode, a built-in download manager, a QR code scanner, incognito mode, access to the UDisk file cloud storage, a "smart" address bar and much more.

You will be glad because it will give the great access speed with the lower spec and less storage. In other hand, you also will be able to have the great downloading. The easier download will pleasant you when you want to have such as a new song. Here, you also need to know the additional information of it. The additional information of the game will be useful in the way to know the details of it. Here, this app is available for the 2.1 android OS version.

You are about to download the UC Browser Mini apk file for Android 4.4 and up (free Communication App): UC Mini-Download Video Status & Movies, Video app with funny short videos?films?songs? Duet video maker?


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