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Where To Buy Gold In Portland

Liberty Coin is a family owned business specializing in rare coins, currency, gold, silver, platinum, and much more. For close to two decades, Liberty Coin has provided customers with precious metals and more.

where to buy gold in portland

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Columbia Coin Company has served Portland gold and silver investors for more than half a century, with 50 years in their downtown location before moving to Hawthorne. They specialize in bullion coins, with a wide selection of American Eagle and foreign gold coins in stock in many sizes. They carry Morgan and Peace silver dollars, 1 oz silver rounds, silver bars from 1 to 100 oz, US 90% silver coins, and much more. One of the largest retail coin shops in the country, Columbia Coin Company also deals in rare coins, with a full range of dates and grades from cents through dollars. This family owned and operated Portland coin dealer also offers coin jewelry settings and collecting supplies.

For nearly two decades, Liberty Coin and Currency has served Portland coin collectors and precious metal investors. This family-owned coin shop specializes in U.S. coins. They buy and sell a wide variety of U.S. and foreign coins, both foreign and rare. They also carry gold and silver bullion coins; their typical inventory includes American gold and silver Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, South African Krugerrands, and pre-1933 U.S. gold coinage. Liberty Coin and Currency also buys all forms of gold and silver, with prices updated several times daily to reflect changes in market pricing. They have two locations, one in Portland and one across the river in Vancouver, WA. Liberty Coin and Currency is a PCGS and NGC authorized dealer and a member of the American Numismatic Association.

Portland Precious Metals and Coin specializes in gold and silver coins and bullion. They strive to keep a wide variety in stock; their website shows their current inventory, along with quantities and sell prices in relation to spot pricing. They carry American Eagles, Austrian Philharmonics, silver rounds, 90% junk silver, pre-1933 U.S. gold coins, graded silver dollars, and much more.

Alder Gold Exchange buys and sells gold, silver, and platinum bullion, silver dollars, and numismatic collectibles. Alder Gold Exchange carries American gold and silver Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, Chinese Pandas, South African Krugerrands, and 1 oz silver rounds, all of which can be ordered through their website in several sizes. A more extensive array of bullion options, along with collectible coins, can be found in their showroom.

Bullion gold bars are flattened rectangular shaped pieces of gold bullion sized to weigh standardized amounts. Thus 1/10th Ozt, 1 gram, 1 ozt, 100 grams, etc. Modern gold bar fineness is typically .9999, meaning they are 9,999 parts out of 10,000 pure gold. Older gold bars are typically .999 or .995 pure. At those infinitesimal levels, the purity is hardly distinguishable.

Modern gold bars are specifically designed for easy storage, transportation, and maximum precious metal integrity retention. Modern gold bars are protected inside a tamper evident package that protects them against dings, scratches and deformations that may affect the full value of the bar. A gold bar will always be a gold, no matter in what condition it is in. However, once a gold bar is beat enough, even if it has not loss any mass, eventually it will qualify as scrap gold. That is is the whole point of the modern gold bars being in protective containers.

In addition, minted into modern gold bars bars, is critical information about the bar such as the manufacturer, assayer, assay certificate, weight and sometimes, more and more, a scannable code. Modern bullion gold bars have a difficult to counterfeit form factor. They are thin, so there can be no other metal or a hollow in the core. To add to that, they are crafted with sharply minted features that are very difficult to duplicate in other metals.

We offer nationally competitive buy - sell spreads on the most popular forms of gold & silver bullion including American Gold & Silver Eagles, American Gold Buffalos, Canadian Gold & Silver Maple leafs, South African Krugerrands, Austrian Gold & Silver Philharmonics, Australian Kangaroos, Chinese Gold Pandas, Gold bars both Swiss and domestic, one ounce Silver Buffalo Rounds, 10 ounce Silver Bars and 100 ounce Silver Bars. We offer the BEST up to the minute buy & sell prices (our website refreshes every 60 seconds) consistently among local merchants.

Every day we evaluate a lot of coins, coin collections, rare coins and different things made of gold. But we also evaluate just about anything that contains precious metals, like antiques, watches, pocket watches, chains, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, heirloom jewelry, estate jewelry and even broken jewelry. Our staff also has experience evaluating diamonds.

When it comes to gold, bigger is always better! There are two particularly well-known competing giant gold coins that are a point of pride for their respective mints. Contact Liberty Coin & Currency to learn more about buying and selling gold coins. Click to view full size!

Our line of fine jewelry is designed and made in our Portland, OR production studio, which is attached to our brick & mortar shop. We use as much recycled gold as possible, and we only work with vendors who guarantee their stones & diamonds are conflict free.

Mystic Morning Matted Print - IP8WThe sun hovers just above the horizon melting away the early morning mist, it's golden reflection shimmering along the calm waters of Casco Bay. Another day begins at Portland Head Light. This spectacular 8x10 matted print is wonderfully captured by Maine photographer Richard Morin.$21.00 plus $5.50 shipping.Total: $26.50

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There is no sales tax on gold or silver bullion in the state of Oregon, and this applies across the state, regardless of the county. This creates a very competitive marketplace in the state, which means that many bullion dealers sell gold, silver, platinum and palladium for close to spot price. It has also attracted many dealers to the state, which means that as well as being one of the few US states where you can buy precious metals without any sales tax, Oregon is also one of the best places to buy a variety of coins, bars and rounds. Of course, this attracts interest from out of state, but trying to purchase precious metals in the state of Oregon before taking them out of state can create a number of issues, including additional shipping fees.

Dominated by the city of Portland, which is by far its most populated city, Oregon is located in the northwest of the United States, bordered by Washington, California, Nevada and Idaho. Whilst the city of Portland is where most Oregonians live, the capital of this state is actually Salem, where brands such as Flav-R-Pac and Santiam flourish. Salem is also the home of Kettle Foods, who make the Kettle chips that are sold across the United States and Europe.

The Gold & Diamond Outlet offers a full line of gold, silver and diamond jewelry. We also offer on site jewelry repair. Our jeweler works with a state of the art laser welder to ensure you get the highest quality repairs. Our goal is to build a life long relationship with our customers. Please give us a call (615) 325-6493, or stop by and let us show you what we can do.

Delivery: You may expect your silver Bosco piece within 2 \u2013 3 weeks, the cuff work may take a bit longer. Please allow up to 4 weeks for gold work. If you need an item sooner please let me know.

Shipping cost: All work (unless requested otherwise) is shipped via USPS priority mail. Shipping within the US is $6 for silver, $10 for gold. The shipping charge for international orders is $25.

EZ+ makes it convenient for you to manage your pawns, layaways, and rewards from anywhere at any time. Easily make online payments on pawn extensions and layaways. Enroll in our EZ+ Rewards programs which awards you with EZ Points when you pawn, redeem, sell, or purchase on eligible transactions with us.*Not all services are available in all areas. Online payments not offered in Arizona, Oklahoma, Oregon, or Pennsylvania.

This Portland gold & silver dealers list is hopefully going to help you find the best offer, be it you want to quickly sell your gold or you seek for investing some of your money in a reliable, stable and profitable asset. Feel free to browse through this list and find a trustworthy company to trade your coins, bullion or whatever assets you may be interested in.

Looking to buy gold & silver in the near future, but don't know where to begin? This is a major purchase and an investment of sorts. These commodities are going to grow as time goes on with regards to their value. It is imperative to get the best 'bang for your buck' type deal and what better place to do this than to go on a proper directory listing? Let's take a glance at a few tips to consider when making a purchase of this nature. 041b061a72


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