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Locket With Photo Insert Buy Online

Large oval solid 925 sterling silver locket, accommodating four photo inserts. This beautiful locket has been exquisitely designed so as to contain two extra photos without losing its wonderful slimline proportions. The perfectly crafted three-way hinge blends seamlessly into the silhouette of the locket, bringing a touch of surprise when discovering the four photos within.

locket with photo insert buy online


The developer build the app over a week or two and ended up using it with his girlfriend fairly extensively over the past six months, sending each other an average of five photos per day. As Locket also stores the photos sent and received in its history section, the app became a fun way to look back on their photos, as well.

Photo quality is bad, the people are blurred and it won't look good. If you are taking a copy of the photo with your phone, then stand back a little further and take it. Check that it looks sharp and clear. We can crop in no problem.

Large oval solid 925 sterling silver locket with 18K gold plating, accommodating four photo inserts. This beautiful locket has been exquisitely designed so as to contain two extra photos without losing its wonderful slimline proportions. The perfectly crafted three-way hinge blends seamlessly into the silhouette of the locket, bringing a touch of surprise when discovering the four photos within.

Make the most of your photos and create stunning personalised gifts that can be passed down through the generations. Your locket can be customised with photographs, engraving messages, handwriting, bespoke hair insertions, family crests, monograms, drawings, as well as custom hand-engravings.

We believe each locket transforms into a beautiful, personalized future heirloom, when it contains your treasured photos. At the Locket Shop we take care of this very important detail, resizing and inserting your photos in your locket, at no extra charge.

A silver locket is not simply a piece of jewellery. It transforms into a future heirloom when your treasured photos are placed inside- preserving memories that will be passed down in your family, for generations to come.

We've been doing this delicate job for over 30 years as part of our family business, Diamond Imaging. We provide the finest sterling silver lockets, our expertise & our high quality photo printing to ensure your images and your photo locket will be treasured for many years to come.

Need a small size picture to fit in a locket? Our locket print will take your photo and create 25+ different sizes of it on a 5x7 print. You can zoom in and rotate as needed. Cropping previews for Heart, Circle, Oval, Rectangle and Square locket shapes.

Our locket print takes your picture and lays it out on a 5"x7" print with 25+ different versions of your photo all as different sizes. One or more of these pictures should fit any normal size locket up to 1 inches across. If your locket is larger than that let us know and we can make the print larger.

Our ordering system will allow you to choose what shape your locket is and you can then see a preview of how your photo would look as that shape. Keep in mind the shape overlay we use probably will not match your locket exactly but it will give a good approximation of how it will fit.

Lockets can be hard to get good photos for. If it is heart shaped, usually a picture with two people works best - where their heads are not too close together, this way the part of the heart that comes down in the middle sort of fits between the heads. If the locket is an oval, then a single head works well. If you need to put a picture of a single head in a heart shaped locket it will likely cover some of their head on the top.

Turn any photo into a custom necklace. Images are created using a special process that transfers photos directly onto high-quality metal. The one-sided prints are then placed into silver-plated pendants free of nickel, and come complete with an 18-inch chain. Whatever you want on a necklace, make it happen!

What if someone has too many photographs in their house? Or maybe they prefer something a bit more stylized? Silhouetted wall art could be for you. Silhouette art is where a photograph of your choice is turned into a simple outlined image. Get these made at Not On the High Street. Select picture style, background color, frame, and even a personalized tagline to go with your images.

Bottles of wine are always a treat for some people. Why not take it one step further with a personalized photo on the bottle? You can find wineries that provide the wine and a way to add a custom label to the bottle. But you could just as easily find a place to print photo stickers and put them on a favorite bottle of wine!

There is no better crossover between fun and functionality than a custom photo blanket. There are many ways you can lay out your images. Most places will give you a template to help you with your layout.

A thoughtful gift to get someone is a custom phone case. It adds a personal touch to the everyday. Not only is it protective of your smartphone. But it can also be a warm reminder for the person you give it to. You can create an original design with your favorite photos, picture collages, digital collages, and more.

The ultimate party pleaser is having your own photo on your cake. This used to be an expensive choice where you would have to go to a particular baker. Now, you can order the layer of icing with a custom message online!

Are you looking for a present that adds a bit more style? How about getting a personalized hat? You can turn your image into a vector and have it embroidered. Or, if you want to stick with a photograph, they can print a patch to stick on.

Looking for a family activity with a personal touch? A custom photo puzzle is a unique gift idea for whole families or problem-solving friends. Putting a puzzle together is a great way for people to spend time together and enjoy your selected photo. You can select the puzzle size and how many pieces there are.

To add warmth and personality to your home, create beautiful wall art out of your most cherished high-quality photo prints. Fill your walls with custom canvas prints, metal prints, wood wall art, and acrylic prints to showcase pictures of your loved ones. Add stunning frames and custom text to transform your best photos or photography prints into creative pieces of home decor. If you're a college student decorating your dorm room, consider creating a collage poster designed with your favorite memories from home. If you're designing your kids' bedrooms, make a premium poster print that showcases their style and personality. Or, if you want to create beautiful home decor out of your favorite family photos, personalized canvas prints or elegant glass prints will be showstopping pieces in any room. Use Shutterfly's picture printing service to transform your favorite memories into stunning wall art prints that will wow guests.

Personal touches are what make a house a home, and nothing does that quite as well as family photos and art prints. Bring your photos to life with unique glass prints, desktop plaques, or easel back canvas prints. Elegantly display photo prints of your most special moments by personalizing them to fit your home's style. You can hang your pictures as a collection in a gallery wall or on their own as a special statement piece. You can even display your favorite panoramic pictures on your walls, or create multi piece wall art with canvas, metal, wood, or acrylic prints that will look incredible in any room. Whether you design custom hanging canvas prints, premium posters, or framed prints, showcasing your favorite photos makes your home decor truly one of a kind. Our picture printing service is the perfect way to upgrade your living space and highlight your most memorable moments around your home. For the best Shutterfly deals on photo prints, check out our Special Offers page for promo codes and discounts. 041b061a72


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