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Breakfast In Bed

Attention to detail is what will take your gift to the next level. A beautiful setting on a tray will enchant him or her before she even tastes the food. Proper settings, cloth napkins, lace doilies, a fresh, long-stem rose, and sugar cubes are special touches that will make even a simple breakfast feel elegant.

Breakfast in Bed

Start with a coffee/tea tray. Wake him or her up to a tray with hot coffee or tea, with their favorite mug or a beautiful new tea set (a great gift idea for the tea lover!). Pour the coffee or tea for them and allow them to add what they like, like cream, sugar, honey, etc. Bring them the morning paper or their favorite book. This will give them some time to wake up and enjoy their coffee and it will buy you some time to finish plating breakfast.

Keep things hot! This is most difficult part of serving breakfast in bed, especially if you are bringing outside food in. Start by warming your plates in the oven. (Be careful not to leave them in too long so no one gets burned) We also suggest making things that can be easily kept warm, like homemade biscuits or stuffed croissants. The golden rule of serving breakfast is: plate the eggs last. Eggs will get cold very fast so make something that can come out of the oven perfectly timed for breakfast, or a simpler omelette or scrambled option that can be done right before serving.

If you want to make someone special feel like royalty, why not treat him or her to breakfast in bed? There's something especially luxurious about waking up to a tray of delicious food and drinks to ease you into the day. No need to climb out from under the covers; just tuck a napkin in your nightgown and feast away.

It does take a little planning to pull off breakfast in bed, however. You have to check that the person you're pampering doesn't have anywhere to be in the morning and that the menu suits his or her tastes. For instance, if someone's watching his waist, don't haul in a tray laden with high-calorie sticky buns and bacon.

Speaking of breakfast trays, don't attempt an in-bed meal without one. Sturdy trays ensure against scalding coffee spills, unfortunate egg yolk drippings and toast crumbs littering the bedding -- and the person dining in it. A versatile tray also allows you to add a special touch to the occasion. For a classic Mother's Day breakfast in bed, tuck a card beneath the napkin, or include the sports or business section of the newspaper for a lucky dad on his birthday.

Sometimes your hectic schedule may not allow you time to fix the fanciest breakfast in bed for that someone special. If that's the case but you still want to provide a nice morning treat, then simply head back to breakfast basics. Many times, a simple breakfast of cereal and fresh fruit is the way to go. It's healthy and quick, and someone you love will still be pretty satisfied if it is brought to them in bed. Look for no-sugar cereals and low-fat milk to round out a healthy breakfast. Oatmeal and yogurt are also quick and easy options and go well with fruit.

For your children's birthday or really any time you feel like giving them a special treat, why not whip up a yummy and fun breakfast in bed? Kids love fun food, so look for recipes that allow a little whimsy that your kids might appreciate. When it comes to taste, only you know what your kids might like, and they can be pretty finicky. So don't go overboard with unusual flavors; the key is to keep it simple and add a little fun. But since they're your children, you also want to keep it fairly healthy -- as much as they'd love it, you'll probably want to steer clear of a bowl of chocolate ice cream with sprinkles.

It's not just mom and the kids who appreciate a breakfast in bed treat. Dad also might like the occasional special breakfast, and Father's day is a great opportunity to treat him. For dad's special day, make sure you know exactly what his favorite menu might be. Getting the kids in on the action is a fun part of the entire experience, so look for some helper jobs they can assist with. Sometimes it's a good idea to ask dad what he might like, but the surprise of a breakfast in bed is always fun if you want to make the day even more special.

There's no better way to say "I love you" than a romantic breakfast in bed. It doesn't even have to be an anniversary or particular date to surprise your significant other with a morning of leisurely dining under the covers. Spend some time beforehand making note of their favorite breakfast items and then brush up on your prep skills so you can pull it off when the time comes. And since romance is your angle, make sure your presentation is beautiful and classic. Be sure to top off the tray with some fresh cut flowers in a small vase.

These days, getting a healthy start to your day is an important part of maintaining a fit lifestyle. Just because breakfast in bed is an indulgent treat doesn't mean it has to be a tray full of fatty meats and cholesterol. When it comes to eggs, get rid of those yolks and go with whites only. Another option is to use a pre-packaged egg substitute that you can find near the eggs in your local grocery store. Fruit, yogurt and oatmeal are all also great healthy options to serve, as are healthy cereals. Avoid pancakes, waffles and French toast, because they're typically served with sugary sauces and syrups. Also keep away from carb-heavy dishes that include potatoes and bread.

Just because bacon and sausage don't belong on the breakfast tray of a vegetarian doesn't mean you can't make a scrumptious breakfast for someone with dietary restrictions. In fact, breakfast foods offer plenty of mouth-watering, non-meat options. If you're cooking breakfast in bed for a vegetarian or someone else with a special diet, just be sure that meat is the only thing he or she abstains from. (Vegans, for instance, say no to eggs, cheese, butter and all other dairy products. Some people are also sensitive to gluten, which means no wheat or oats.)

Dining in bed certainly feels lazy (in a good way), but you don't want to stuff yourself until you'd rather roll onto the floor instead of stand up. For someone who'd prefer lighter breakfast-in-bed fare, don't limit the menu to dry toast and coffee. What's special about that? Instead, choose a lean protein, such as turkey bacon or smoked salmon, in lieu of pork sausage. Then, round out the plate with different flavors and textures that offer satisfying variety.

If there's one region known for serving up a fine breakfast, it's the American South. Although the fare isn't everyone's cup of tea, Southern folks know how to rustle up a mean breakfast. Instead of hash browns or skillet potatoes, a creamy pool of grits occupies the starchy region of the plate. The chosen proteins -- salty country ham, sausage doused in white gravy, country fried steak -- literally aren't for the weak of heart. Sure, there are lighter ways to make a down-home breakfast in bed, but for certain special occasions, it's fun to indulge.

For Valentine's Day or anniversaries, it's time to up the ante on breakfast in bed. You can have pancakes and eggs any old day, so why not try your hand at slightly more refined foods? Cooking a five-star breakfast requires more skill than pouring a bowl of cereal, but poaching eggs and whipping hollandaise sauce sound more intimidating than they really are. Don't forget to spice up the presentation with a single rose, linen napkin or other touch of class.

For a Special Touch: Take the breakfast ingredients up a notch. Instead of serving regular butter with the scones, put it in a bowl with honey and dash of sugar and whip with an electric mixer. For the parfait, get creative with fresh fruits, such as pear, pomegranate and pineapple.

breakfast in bed (third-person singular simple present breakfasts in bed, present participle breakfasting in bed, simple past and past participle breakfasted in bed)

Sticking with the French pastry theme, if you want to use a stand to display your assortment of French pastries. (crepes, croissant, macaroons, to name a few) a dessert stand is an inexpensive way to step it up for any breakfast or brunch.

She used to make you the best breakfasts ever, right? Well, it's time to return the favor. Show Mom how much you appreciate her years of hard work by sending her an unbeatable breakfast basket! Filled with muffins, Danish, tea bread, and croissants, this gift will make this year's Mother's Day one she'll never forget.

Discover an exceptional start to an unforgettable day with a refreshing breakfast for two, complimentary when you stay overnight in a deluxe room. Choose from an inventive menu of delicious dishes to enjoy together.

Take a look at some of the recipients, whose loved ones cook up a mean breakfast. From children, to parents, to partners, nothing warms our heart quite like smiling faces paired with the Premier League and the breakfast du jour. If you look closely you may even see some famous faces, too! 041b061a72


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