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Vsevolod Nekrasov

Killing Floor: Incursion [cheat]l

When Elizabeth Keen hears about a new Good Samaritan killing, she asks Cooper if the team can be assigned to the case. Her reason is that because she failed to catch the perpetrator in New York, Red may contact her and offer his aid. Cooper agrees, but points out that the team are all under investigation regarding the incursion.

Killing Floor: Incursion [cheat]l

Colonel Hoffman was in the capital city of Ephyra when the Locust Horde first emerged; a day that would come to be known as Emergence Day. His convoy of commandeered civilian vehicles was en route to the House of Sovereigns to rendezvous with Corporal Minh Young Kim. However, the convoy came under immediate attack as it arrived outside the House of Sovereigns, though Kim and his squad were able to assist in defeating the Locust. One of the Gears acquired the Hammer of Dawn from the convoy's van, killing a Corpser. After defeating the Locust incursion, Hoffman chose Kim to be his and Anya's escort. Anya then insisted they get inside quickly, and Kim unlocked the door to the entrance of the House of Sovereigns, following Hoffman and Stroud inside.[37]


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